Government Relations in Action

At Natural State Consulting and Strategies, we believe in the power of connections. Our team harnesses its deep-rooted networks in Arkansas politics and business to create opportunities for our clients. We specialize in fostering government relations, turning dialogues into actions that align with your legislative and regulatory goals. By leveraging these relationships, we transform your objectives into policy and legislative wins. With us, you’re not just building influence, but lasting partnerships driven by trust and shared goals within the Arkansas political landscape.

Coalition Building

Success in policy influence often requires strength in numbers. At Natural State Consulting and Strategies, we excel at identifying and fostering alliances between like-minded organizations, creating powerful coalitions that amplify your voice. Through careful coordination and shared objectives, we help build influential networks that can shape policy debates and drive legislative outcomes. In the realm of public policy, we ensure you’re never standing alone.

Public Affairs

Communication is key in any political landscape. At Natural State Consulting and Strategies, we manage your public persona and craft messages that resonate with your audience. From policy-related press releases to public opinion campaigns, we ensure your message is heard loud and clear. Our strategic communications approach is designed to increase your influence, shape public opinion, and enhance your reputation. With us, your voice becomes an influential tool in shaping policy and public perception.

Government Relations

We navigate the complex landscape of government by engaging with elected officials and regulatory agencies on your behalf. Our team works to influence legislation and shape regulations in a way that aligns with your objectives. We not only monitor policy changes but also contribute to the lawmaking process by providing expert testimony, drafting legislation, and advocating for your interests. In the ever-evolving regulatory environment, we ensure your voice is heard, helping you achieve meaningful and lasting impact.

Our Team


About Caitlyn

Caitlyn Hiland was born and raised in Central Arkansas. She attended Central Baptist College and received a B.A. in Business Administration. Following graduation she worked in the regulatory world at Centennial Bank. After the private sector, Caitlyn was hired in Governor Asa Hutchinson’s board and commissions office where she worked with state directors and the Arkansas legislature to assist the governor in appointing appropriate and effective leaders in the state. Caitlyn most recently served in Senator Boozman’s office where she was able to learn how Federal and State governments work together to effectively serve the people of Arkansas. 


About Steve

Steve Goode stands as a pillar in Arkansas’s business and public administration sectors, blending the state’s renowned hospitality with a steadfast work ethic. As the owner of Goode’s Cashsaver Grocery Stores, he has built a reputation for fostering positive relationships and working tirelessly for his community. Recognized by Governor Hutchinson, Steve was appointed as the Director of Tobacco Control and later took on expanded duties as the Administrator of Regulation for Tobacco, Alcohol, Medical Marijuana, and Racing. His deep understanding of the industry underpins his role as the Executive Director for the Arkansas Grocers and Retail Merchants Association, where he champions business interests and helps shape retail policy. Steve’s journey from retail entrepreneur to a key figure in state administration reflects his unparalleled dedication and ability to connect and serve effectively.


About Tyler

Tyler Lachowsky combines his solid educational background with hands-on experience to deliver practical solutions in his work. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management from Arkansas Tech University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas. His career includes significant roles in crisis and emergency management at a global IT company, where he honed his skills in adaptability and problem-solving. In his role as a Justice of the Peace in Faulkner County, Tyler is deeply involved in public service, applying his understanding of local government operations. His blend of formal education and real-world experience makes him a relatable and effective presence in government relations.

Our Partners